Randy Dang is a founding Partner of IPR Immigration Canada and is a registered member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Founder and principal of Dang & Company, Randy has over twenty-five years’ experience in matters involving advisory, finance, taxation and accounting.  Professionally, Randy has successfully earned over the course of his career the following professional designations:  PBA, CGA, CMA and CPA as well as earning his RCIC designation and ICCRC membership.   Most recently, as a firm believer of life-long learning, he completed his MBA in April of 2021.

As a third generation Canadian, Randy strongly believes that immigration is the basic foundation of the success of Canada.  Recalling the stories of his grandparents’ immigration to Canada he has much empathy for and is strongly motivated to assist those individuals seeking to visit, work, to study and immigrate to Canada.  Much of Canada’s small business community, the backbone of Canada, was built on the hard work of immigrants.  Randy’s experiences can assist in an individual’s successful transition and acclimation to Canada.

Randy has strong family values and enjoys spending time with his family. His interests include photography, travel, music, golf, baseball and hockey.

Randy is a licensed RCIC member: R531301.


Petra holds a Masters of Business Economics.  She came to Canada from the Czech Republic in 2014 and quickly fell in love with Vancouver.   Before this Petra was an account executive for a large Marketing and Advertising firm in Bratislavia.  Recently becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada, Petra is now in the process of obtaining her Canadian Citizenship.  Having herself experienced the process of immigrating to Canada Petra thoroughly understands the difficulties that immigration applicants face and can help make the process easier.  

Petra’s hobbies include skiing, hiking, camping and has had a lifelong passion for gymnastics and working with children gymnasts.

Petra is a licensed RCIC member: R531245.